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The idea for the Electrike was conceived in north Hampshire and has taken several years to achieve the product you see before you.

The original idea arose from viewing a video from New Zealand where adrenaline junkies were chopping the front from bmx cycles, grafting a rear end with a go-kart axle and tyres, covering the tyres with plastic water pipe to cancel the grip.

These trikes were then used to free run down twisty hills, drifting on the corners on the way down, they were not powered.

Realising that in Europe one could not find suitable hills that were traffic free the Electrike was created.

We produced four or five prototype models before we arrived at the ultimate drifter- a 1000watt front wheel powered by a lithium ion battery, quality high speed castors instead of the go-kart axle, a body system to keep your feet in the ultimate position and always with safety in mind designed.

Our original idea was to run events for corporate clients on an oval circuit speedway style, but after testing them in a indoor kart circuit a much wider opportunity for their use has been realised where we can run race events both indoor and out along with freestyle type competitions at any given venue.

The future will see a regional and country wide race series and also an off-road version being developed with suspension.

More news on the exciting race series for both on road and off road will be released soon.

How we got the idea some cool pics of our first outing Copyright 2014

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